Cindy Fletcher and the Quest for Cindy Flakes
Developer(s) First run:
SIZ Interactive
"Balls" Studios Chapel Hill
"Balls" Studios London

Second run:
"Balls" Studios Sydney,"Balls" Studios Vancouver, all International "Balls" studios
Third run: OK Labs

Distributor(s) First and second run:
Mega Market Corporation and Gestle

Second run: Balls Indipendent Games
Third run: OK Labs

Director(s) Luke McKinney
Designer(s) Barbara Edison
Jonathan Barry Kennedy
Producer(s) Matt Harper
Jake Richards
Platform(s) First run:
Greeny Arcade
Sega Genesis
Second run:
All third-, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, and seveth-generation consoles, including, but not limited to: Greeny Arcade 256
Mac, Linux, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, PlayStation Network (PS3/PSP/PSVita), Xbox 360, Wii; the game was also released to all eighth-generation consoles (excluding Xbox One, PS4, Wii U).
Third run:
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Infinidev SDK
Wii U
Released First run

MS-DOS, SNES, and Sega Genesis

  • WWFebruary 26, 1994

Greeny Arcade
USA August 1, 1994
Japan August 29, 1994
Europe September 5, 1994
Australia September 21, 1994
Second run

  • WWFebruary 26, 2014

Third run

  • WWMay 23, 2015
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player, co-operative multiplayer, battle mode, capture the flag, sandbox/level editor mode
Ratings ESRB - E
Media CD-ROM, floppy disk, digital download, plug-and-play toy, HuCard, TurboChip, ROM card, cartridges, ROM cartridge, casette tapes, data card, magnetic card, laserdisc, LD-ROM, Game Paks, interactive DVD, Mini-CD, GD-ROM, SD card, DVD-DL, DVD+R DL, Blu-Ray Disc

Cindy Flecther and the Quest for Cindy Flakes is a 1994 adventure game, starring the character and cereal mascot of the same name.

 During it's first run, the game was sold in cereal boxes, but the game was no longer sold in cereal boxes, after December 31, 1994.

Later, in the Daniel and Cindy Website and PSN in 2014, the game can be purchased via Freeware, like most other MS-DOS games...

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