DTSFactory (formally Dr2lol) is a user who has since been banned for hacking Greeny Phatom haters and bricking one's PC. He is known for the "Hacking Incident".

Goodbye, DTSFactory, you are a fucking asshole who deserved what you got.
— Cole

The banning Edit

DTSFactory was irreversibly banned on April 22, 2015 due to numerous threats of DDoSing towards Greeny Phatom haters, as well as hacking their PCs, and stealing SuperJohnLeasdurg, another big GP hater's email. Keegan attempted to give him one more chance, but that would not pass for Alex-Sixand, an admin who's friends were directly affected by DTSFactory's hacking.

Coleisawesomeman01, surprisingly, wasn't a victim of DTSFactory's hacking, despite vandalizing pages on the wiki in March.

However on April 24, 2015 he was unblocked by RedstoneActive90000...only to be blocked AGAIN by Alex-Sixand.

In May 3, 2015, he was unblocked just because he wasn't the one who did the DDOS Incident, but it was a user from 4chan. No one knows who the user was.

Alex-Sixand didn't believe DTSFactory, so he blocked him again, but Laser Pikachus demoted Alex-Sixand's admin so that he won't block DTSFactory anymore. This proved futile as Alex got his admin back, and, out of caution, blocked Laser. Laser unblocked himself, harassed Alex, then blocked him. Alex unblocked himself and blocked Laser again, sending screenshots of the harassment to wiko founder Keegan.

Enacting revengeEdit

DTSFactory would not back down the hack crusade against GP haters despite his GP wiki ban, and on April 27, 2015, he gave Heck No Greeny Phatom "3 days" to delete the Tumblr.

There might be DTSFactory enacting revenge on the GP Wiki itself by hacking CoinHunter12, but there's not enough proof to prove it.

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