GBC Industries
Type Private
Industry Movies

Video game developing and publishing
Film exhibitor
Toy manufacturing

Founded 1954 (Albertain City, Florida)
Founders Gabriel Bachmann

Sandy Alnotcher

Headquarters Miami, Florida
Key people Gabriel Bachmann
Employees 925,447 [1]
Owner(s) GBC Holdings
Parent GBC Holdings
Subsidiaries GBC Films
GBC Games
GBC Publishing
Other location(s) Other headquarters:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Other locations:
3,560+ locations worldwide, as of 2015
Slogan For you.
Area served Worldwide

GBC is a multinational company, known for developing, producing, licensing, manufacturing and distributing video games, telecommunications equipment, movies, and toys.


GBC was born as a movie producer and distributor in 1954, founded by Gabriel Bachmann. It produced one of the most sucessful movies ever, Showcase (1967).

In a 1969 interview, Gabriel Bachmann said they will never manufacture laser gun toys for undisclosed reasons.



  • GBC Games New York
  • GBC Games Florida
  • GBC Games Puerto Rico
  • GBC Interactive International


  • GBC Films 
  • GBC Films Classics


  • GBC Burgers


  1. According to reports, published in 2006

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