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Geo Adventure IV: 10th Warrior is the 10th installment of the Geo Adventure series released in 2016, and the 4th game in the main Geo Adventure saga, which in 2000 it was cancelled because "Balls" ended its deal with Universal Interactive Studios. The game was developed by Ubisoft Kiev and Ubisoft Croiava qnd publoshed by Ubisoft, since Ubisoft owns the license to Geo Adventure games.

No information about the game was given after 2012. The fans partly speculated, that the game is either in development hell or cancelled, but Ubisoft said the game was merged to Geo Adventure: Reunion.


Unlike all Geo Adventure games, the gameplay has switched to the side-scrolling platform system which includes the same functions has all Geo Adventure games.


File:Doomerbell Sisters.png

After events that Gree Guy was dead, Doom strikes back and goes in a abandoned laboratory which no one has been working into it, she has discovered a capsule which says that she would split into 8 sisters which are the Doomerbell Sisters, which was a team of 8 girls which they has 8 elements, Fire (Fleria), Water (Waltal), Earth (Ermath), Air (Arias), Slime (Slimbes), Diamond (Diamontas), Metal (Metaloun) and Thunder (Thuendrus).

Doom goes in the capsule, then her eye gets a strange attidude, Doom gets sucked under a world where it's just an gigantic eye which outside has oil, when she splashes under the eye, causing her to split into 8 sisters.

The world of Geo Guy then gets invaded by the 8 sisters. Geo Guy then shocks of the sisters and then gets captured by them, then sends to the sisters big mother who is Darlina, an alter-ego of Doom Vercetti. Geo Guy gets sucked into Darlina's mouth and awakens in a world which is Geo Guy's dungeon.

Geo Guy has to find the sister stars who they have the 8 sisters and then use them to unlock the door to enter in Darlina's Womb.

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