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Geo Generations is a platform game in the Geo Adventure series developed by "Balls" and published by Ubisoft for the Wii U, Xbox One and Playstation 4 video game consoles. Released on January 3, 2014, it is the thirteenth 3D platformer in the Geo Adventure series. It is a throwback game based around Geo Universal, Geo Adventure series, Greeny Phantom and others. Geo Generations was acclaimed by critics, who cited level design and multi-player as outstanding aspects of the game.


Geo Generations is a platform game and the gameplay is very similar to that of Geo Adventure, and it is made up of different levels (realms), all connected together by hub worlds (homeworlds). The goal in each homeworld is to collect a certain amount of items, be it coins, tokens, or blue coins, in each realm in order to travel to the next homeworld.

Each homeworld and its realms are progressively more difficult than the last. The first few realms are small fields with few ways to die, but they become harder later in the game. Many later levels focus on Geo Guy's ability to jump from platform to platform. Additionally, Geo Guy's slingshot used to vanquish enemies. Each homeworld contains an optional boss to defeat, except for the final homeworld where the boss is mandatory.

Throughout the game Geo Guy's health is indicated by his head. When Geo Guy's head is full he is at full health. After taking a hit Geo Guy's head gets hurt, and with another hit, really hurt. Another hit and Geo Guy's head turns into a skeleton with only one hit left before the player loses one life. After all lives are lost the player has uninterruptedly returned to Hubtown.

Save points are placed throughout each homeworld. Once the player gets a token behind a save point which is accessible for the remainder of the game. The player can beat bosses in some levels. Levels come from past Geo (Shows, Games, Books, etc.), Only the final Gree Guy boss is the only original stage in the Game.


While Gree Guy is looking around his plans, He finds Plan Y. Plan Y consists that He could someone through Time and that his nemesis will never come back, So he decides that he could send Geo Guy through time and rule the world.


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