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An Greeny Arcade playing Greeny Phatom: The Video Game.
Developer(s) Greeny Arcade Development Team (GreenyWorld Studios, Fox Interactive, Mattel, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo IRD, Jakks Pacific), "Balls"
Manufacturer Hasbro (1994-1999)
Type Home video game console
Generation Fifth generation era
Release date USA August 1, 1994
Japan August 29, 1994
Europe September 5, 1994
Australia September 21,1994
Discontinued Japan July 7, 2007
Europe August 3, 2007
USA December 25, 2007
Australia March 7, 2008
Units sold Worldwide: 102.6 million
Media CD-ROM, VHS, DVD, Download
Memory 32 GB
Online services GreenySatellite, GS128
Best-selling game Greeny Phatom: The Video Game, 51.98 million (as of December 20, 2012)

As depicted from the 1994 commercial, Greeny Arcade is a multimedia gaming system, released from the people behind the TV show, Greeny Phatom. There is also a portable version called Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld.



In 1992, Greenytoons founder, Robert Stainton was testing out some arcade games, until one day, he found an arcade cabinet with a CD-ROM drive implemented. He decided to go to work. He then told the entire staff that he wanted to plan out an arcade system, codenamed at first, "Arcadia".

Development of the console started in May 1992. The Greeny Arcade was suppose to look like a real arcade system, but it may take the developers a lot of time on the project. This would later be used to it's successor, Greeny Arcade 256, except the color of it was green. In Late 1992, Codename Arcadia was given a name. A name that feels like it's GreenyWorld Studios-related. The name was chosen, as Greeny Arcade.

The bent arcade screen took the longest development, which took 4 months to complete it. It took 1 year and 2 months to complete the prototype.

In 1993, The prototype was revealed at the 1993 Summer CES near the Studios of Greenytoons. The prototype of the cabinet had a few glitches with very early builds of the games that it could play. The prototype looked a lot like the final version of the Greeny Arcade. The cabinet was fixed in August 1993 and the console was finished in September 1993.

The only thing the crew forgot to add was launch titles. The first game to start production for the Greeny Arcade was Guns n' Blossom, which started production after the prototype was finished. sold 8 million units during its first few weeks.

List of launch games Edit

North America Edit

Japan Edit

Eurpoe Edit

Australia Edit

List of North American releasesEdit

Main article: List Of Greeny Arcade Games

This shows all of the North American releases for the Greeny Arcade. Video games such as Spongeland are only sold in Europe and Japan, or whatever.

Click to see the releases
Video Game Released Developer(s) Publisher(s) Distributor(s)
Guns n' Blossom August 1, 1994 TBA TBA TBA
Blob August 1, 1994 TBA TBA TBA
Pac-Attack August 1, 1994 Namco

Now Production

Namco TBA
Bart's Nightmare August 1, 1994 Sculptured Software Acclaim Entertainment TBA
Geo Guy and Green Bob Turns On the Game August 1, 1994 Sculptured Software

Infogrames (Europe)

Midway Games TBA
Cindy Fletcher and the Quest for Cindy Flakes August 1, 1994 SIZ Interactive TBA Mega Market Corporation
Rainbow Scratch September 5, 1994 TBA TBA TBA
Pooped September 21, 1994 TBA TBA TBA
Bonk's Adventure October 1, 1994 Red EntertainmentAtlus Hudson SoftNEC Sucker Punch
GeoBob Adventures November 5, 1994 "Balls" Fox Interactive TBA
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage January 2, 1995 Software Creations LJN TBA
Greeny Phatom Arcade March 16, 1996 Konami Konami TBA
Blob 2 August 1, 1999 TBA TBA TBA
Greeny Phatom Kart September 24, 2000 "Balls" Fox Interactive TBA
Spongebob SuperSponge November 11, 2001 THQ Climax TBA
Greeny Phatom: The Video Game March 7, 2002 "Balls"
Fox Interactive
Fox Interactive Sony Computer Entertainment
Greeny Phatom Kart 2 March 7, 2002 "Balls" "Balls"
Games For Dinner
Blob 3 July 28, 2003 TBA TBA TBA
Little Girl's Adventure May 24, 2005 Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc.
Greeny Phatom Party July 7, 2006 "Balls"
Fox Interactive
"Balls" Fox interactive

More games coming soon. Feel free to add more if you'd like.

Cancelled GamesEdit

Main article: List Of Cancelled Greeny Arcade Games


Accessory Released Sales Used for: Description
Greeny Arcade Memory Card August 1, 1994 101.8 million units All games Opened as a seperate pack, this can save all games's progress if they're not saved.
Greeny Arcade Headset August 1, 1994 101.8 million units All games When You Play Online You Can Talk To People Online.
Greeny Arcade Pro Arcade August 13, 1997 3 million units All games It doubles the price of the Greeny Arcade, and it is only used for pros of the Greeny Arcade.
Greeny Arcade Microphone May 8, 2002 1.2 million units TBA Used on karaoke games.
Greeny Arcade VR Headset July 7, 2006 90,000 units Greeny Phatom Party It could've been a successor to the GAPH, but the headset was a huge flop.

More coming soon!

Special EditionsEdit

  • File:GreenyArcade.png
    In 2004, Greeny Arcade celebarted with 10 years, by simply adding a second player input.
  • In 2012, Greeny Arcade released a development tool cabinet that includes the main cabinet, a CD-ROM for your own games, and a development tool CD-ROM for Windows PCs to create a video game.

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