Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld 2
File:Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld 2 logo.png
File:Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld 2.png

The console simlar to the Nintenod DS
Also known as GAPH2
Manufacturer "Balls"
Type Handheld Video Game Console
Generation 7th Generation
Release date USA December 21, 2008
Japan January 2, 2009
Europe January 2, 2009
Units sold 75.23 million
Media Cartridge
Online services GreenySattelite
Best-selling game Greeny Phatom: The Return of Gree Guy, 25 million(as of March 29, 2015)
Battery life 11 hours

The Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld 2 (AKA is a handheld version of the Greeny Arcade 256.

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