Greenyworld Studios Arabia (جرينيالعالمية استوديوهات العربية) is a Arabian production/distribution arm of Greenyworld Studios owned by the Weiss Brothers Group, founded in 1997 and 2000 as Waheed Production House (وحيد إنتاج البيت) and Eastern Vision Animation, two companies, before the merge in 2004.
File:Greenyworld Studios Arabia.png

Their work includes original productions, overseas animations, and the Arabic dubs (produced by Venus Company and Masriya Media) of the Greenytoons.


TV ShowsEdit

  • Waheed Town Adventures (وحيد تاون مغامرات) (1997)
  • Bon-Bon's Adventure (1998) (مغامرة بون بون ل)
  • The Criminal Called Sha (1999) (شا دعا الجنائية)

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