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GreenyWorld Studios Canada (aka J-Fox Productions in 1985-1995 and Jandersons Productions in 1995-1997) is a Canadian animation studio, founded by Michael J. Fox in 1985, who later played Marty McFly in the BTTF series.

In 2014, Greenyworld Studios Canada acquired and renewed the IPs, rights, assets and trademarks of Owl Communications. Now it owns the copyright rights to Big Comfy Couch, which's episodes were re-runned in dedication to James Clayton (the co-creator of the Greeny Phatom franchise, with Robert Stainton and Terry Ward). In 2015, the then-current Greeny Phatom animation team was acquired from Atomic Cartoons and were moved to Greenyworld Studios Canada.

It is located in Vancouver, B.C.

Filmography and Television Edit

  • The Eggheads (1992)
  • Danny City (1993)
  • The Jendersons (1995)
  • The Grand Theft Auto Show (2002)
  • Peeson and Poothead (2003)

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