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Helena Claire Henry (born May 13, 1981 in Tucson, Arizona), widely known as Helen Henry, is an American country pop singer-songwriter who signed to the Rubix Records label in 1994.

Helen Henry, aged 17, released her debut single "Need You Back", which was the first single from her debut studio album Trippin' Downwards. Albums by Helen Henry that follow 1998's Trippin' Downwards will be released in the next decade.


Studio albumsEdit

# Title Release date
1 Trippin' Downwards March 24, 1998
2 Let's Head for Today's Sunset October 17, 2000
3 Helen Henry August 21, 2001
4 I'll Be Your Guardian July 22, 2003
5 Always October 10, 2006
6 Each of Us September 1, 2008
7 Do Whatever April 29, 2011
8 Please Baby November 20, 2012
9 Imagine This September 30, 2014

Compilation albumsEdit

# Title Release date
1 Think About You June 11, 2002
2 The Definitive Collection October 30, 2007


Film Release year Song(s)
Mountain Santana: Original Soundtrack 1995
  • Way Too Fast
  • I Think I'm Lettin' Them Down
  • Little Man
The Summertime Jasmania: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 2011
  • Wait 'Till You See It




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