Zia-bhucker it'll-end-soon cover

Front cover

It'll End Soon is the second studio album by Zia Bhucker. The album was released on June 14, 2011 on the Rubix Records label.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1 Humankind (featuring Jason Mraz) 3:49
2 Grab On (Today's Our Last Day) 3:37
3 Got Too Much of You 3:33
4 Realize 4:25
5 Join Me (featuring Owl City) 3:29
6 (Could I Be the Next) All-Time Hero 2:48
7 Old Friends from High School 4:46
8 Enough to Stand 5:20
9 It'll End Soon 4:54
10 Stuck on Earth 3:55
11 Coming Straight Back Home 2:54


# Title Released
1 Stuck on Earth May 3, 2011
2 Realize July 12, 2011
3 (Could I Be the Next) All-Time Hero October 11, 2011

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