Little Girl's Adventure
File:Little Girl's Adventure.png
Developer(s) Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc.
Publisher(s) Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc.
Distributor(s) Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc.
Engine GeoBob Engine 2 v1.9.5
Released 2005
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: E
File:Little Girl's Adventure cover.png
Little Girl's Adventure is a 2005 video game developed by Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. for "Balls". It is based on the Greeny Phatom character of the same name, and it was created in an attempt to get more girls to play video games. As such, it is one of the few explicitly girl-oriented Greeny Arcade games.

The game was released in versions for Greeny Arcade, the Nintendo GameCube, Games for Dinner, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable,N-Gage and PC. A PlayStation 2 port was planned, but was cancelled. The PlayStation 2 port's prototype was given to Crystal Stainton as a belated birthday present in 2012.


Little Girl is going to the beach for a party, but she has no beach clothing. She travels to three different "places" to gather accessories for the big day and a chance with Little Guy. Along the way she meets a veritable menagerie of Greeny Phatom characters and searches to find power-ups, items, and charms for her hair bow that will help her along her way.

In the mall, Little Girl goes on a shopping spree for 1943 silver pennies that she uses at the wishing fountain to acquire an exquisite erray of beach clothing. At the baseball field, Little Girl and her clones search for a baseball bat that she returns to a baseball player in exchange for an beach bow. Finally, in the 1950s-style Soda Shop, she must collect gold records that she uses to make a stairway into the sky to collect the last accessory, a charming pair of sandals. Little Girl arrives at the beach to get ready for the party, and as she descends the walkway wearing all of her accessories, a dapper Little Guy awaits to dance with her.


Like a few other Greeny Phatom games, Little Girl's Adventure is designed as a platformer. The levels are "days" and each "day" has Little Girl walking left to right while avoiding obstacles to keep her bow from dropping which would make her fall asleep and have to replay the level, or sometimes restart the entire game.

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