OK Labs Invisible Works
Type Semi-Secret Operation, Research & Development Division
Industry Aerospace
Security & Defense
Advanced Research & Development
Food proccessing
Video games
Predecessors Predecessors of OLIW
Founded May 2015
Owner(s) OK Labs (95%)
Microsoft (5%)
Subsidiaries Hawk-Eye
Bradyvine Game Studios
SafeHome, Inc.
OK Labs Invisible Works is a semi-secret advanced prototype research, innovation, production, manufacturing & development division of OK Labs.


The semi-secret facility network/division was officially formed in May 2015.

Also on June 19, 2015, OK Labs Invisible Works acquired brands, trademarks, patents, assets and the former office of toy manufacturer and game developer Western General Corporation; the unreleased games, rights, patents, assets and brands of Gottlieb from Sony Pictures; properties, assets, brands, trademarks, offices and patents from General Instrument and Coleco; offices, studios, game library, trademarks, unreleased games, patents, toy manufacturing rights and other assets of LJN, Acclaim Entertainment, Tengen, Hasbro interactive, Galoob, Kee Games, Atari Inc, Atari Corporation, and Atari Games/Time Warner Interactive; the technologies and assets of Bits Studios; and intellectual properties and assets of THQ. Also on June 19, 2015, OK Labs Invisible Works announced an augemnted reality video game start-up Brandyvine Game Studios. Also on June 19, 2015, OK Labs's media division OK Media announced to move the vision processing company Hawk-Eye under OK Labs Invisible Works.

In July 2015, Novus, Electrodreams, OK Labs - Neta Labs, OK Labs - Social Labs, SafeHome Inc, and SnakeCore merged to OK Labs Invisible Works. This resulted in Microsoft's ownership of 5% stake of the Invisible Works division.


In mid-2015, OK Labs said there are around 100 projects being developed at Invisible Works.

Here's the list of revealed projects:

  • Adam (codename), a car
  • Unnamed UAV project
  • Adamanitum (codename), research project on creating
    the unbreakable metal, that can be used in
    phone cases and/orcars.
  • Unnamed motion sensor project
  • Hawk-Eye, the vision processing company
  • apps for HoloLens and Kinect
  • Camtek Intelligent Imagine projects
  • Untitled military robot project
  • Wind energy-powered phone
  • Multiple food R&D projects, done in collaboration with the FDA, Nestle and Mega Market Corporation
  • Hazelbrook, a "mini-arcade". [2]
  • SafeHome [3]
  • Unnamed radio-controlled devices
  • mobile applications for phones that have NFC connection features
  • "ultimate reality games" [4]
  • "Neta Labs" online project lab

Brandyvine Game StudiosEdit

Coming soon!


De factoEdit

  • OK Labs - Neta Labs
  • OK Labs - Social Labs
  • SnakeCore
  • Electrodreams
  • Novus
  • SafeHome, Inc.


  • Gottlieb
  • Galoob
  • LJN, Inc/Acclaim Entertainment
  • Tengen/Atari, Inc/Atari Corporation/Atari Games/Kee Games
  • Hasbro Interactive
  • Coleco
  • General Instrument
  • THQ



  • Murray Hill, USA
  • Mountain View, USA
  • Toronto, Canada (SnakeCore Canada)
  • Dundee, Scotland, UK (SnakeCore Dundee)
  • Migdal Haemek, Israel
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Torshavn, Faroe Islands
  • Riverside, California, USA (SnakeCore Riverside)
  • Herzliya, Israel
  • Austin, Texas (SnakeCore Texas)


  • "somewhere in Nevada Test Site", USA.
  • Shanghai, China
  • Bangalore, India
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Culver City, USA
  • Glendale, USA
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Alger, Algeria
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Merseyside, UK


  1. Neta Labs acquired the website in June 2015.
  2. The OK Labs Invisible Works's mini-arcade was codenamed Hazelbrook, and uses vector and 3D graphics, has a built-in 3d motion sensor, a "3D vision" option, touchscreen interface, a comfortable and slick D-pad-analog stick hybrid design, a port for another controller for multiplayer games, supported multiple programming languages and programming blocks simultaneously, is supposed to drain less battery as possible, and was expected to be priced at $199,99, and was expected to be released before 2025. Some of it's features were taken from the portable Vectrex system concept, Oculus Rift, Sega Nomad, Nintendo 3DS, and Sega Game Gear.
  3. SafeHome is a brand used by home automation and home security products developed by OK Labs Invisible Works's Mountain View and Palo Alto facilities (formerly SafeHome, Inc)
  4. Ultimate reality games are experimental augmented reality games with elements from virtual reality, simulated reality, artificial reality and alternative reality games

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