This page contains rumors and speculations about future Geo's World products. As they are rumors, it is unknown whether or not they are true.

List Edit


  • Geo's Last Movie (The final film of the Geo's (Number) Movie series, speculated to be released in the late 2020's)

Episodes/TV ShowsEdit

  • The Anti-Geo Guy Show (Name of supposed TV Show spread by Geo's World haters, most likely fake)
  • Geo Guy Dies (Same as above, but it's a supposed lost episode)


  • Green Bob (Video game adaptation of Green Bob (TV Series) that was supposedly released on the Sega Saturn and Playstation, believers think it is the rarest GreenyToon game ever (Second to the real "Geo's World" game for the Sega Dreamcast that has nothing to do with Geo's World (video game)), with "Photos" supposedly showing the game, but the quality is questionable)