There are several strategy and map editing guides for Doom and related games.

Strategy guides Edit

Doom/Ultimate Doom PC Edit

  • Robert Waring: Ultimate Doom: Totally Unauthorized Tips & Secrets. Brady Publishing, ISBN 1566864380.
  • Jonathan Mendoza: The Official Doom Survival Guide. ISBN 0-7821-1546-2.
  • Rick Barba: Doom Battlebook: Secrets of the Games series. Prima Publishing, ISBN 1-55958-651-6.

Doom/Ultimate Doom console Edit

  • Robert Waring: Official Guide to DOOM (SNES), Brady Publishing (1995)

Doom II Edit

  • Ed Dille: Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide. Prima Publishing (1994), ISBN 978-1559587112.
  • Jonathan Mendoza: The Official Doom Survivor's Strategies & Secrets. Sybex (1994), ISBN 978-0782115468.
  • Robert Waring: Totally Unauthorized Guide to Doom II. Brady Games (1995), 978-1566862288.

Final Doom Edit

  • Prima's Final Doom Game Secrets. Prima Games (1996), ISBN 978-0761507239.
  • Robert Waring: Final Doom Unauthorized Tips & Secrets, Brady Publishing (1995), ISBN 076150723X

Doom 64 Edit

Doom 3 Edit

Heretic Edit

Hexen PC Edit

  • Totally Unauthorized Hexen Strategy Guide

Hexen console Edit

Strife Edit

Editing tutorials Edit

  • Joseph Bell, David Skrede: The Doom Construction Kit: Mastering and Modifying Doom. Waite Group Press (1995), ISBN 1-57169-003-4.
  • Hank Leukart: The Doom Hacker's Guide (Note some editions are known as The Hacker's Guide to Doom). Mis Press (1995), ISBN 1-55828-428-1.
  • Steve Benner, David Bruni: Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus. SAMS Publishing (1995), ISBN 0-672-30717-0.
  • Steve Benner: 3D Game Alchemy for Doom, Doom II, Heretic and Hexen. SAMS Publishing (1996), ISBN 0-672-30935-1.
  • Joseph Bell: The Doom Construction Kit: Mastering and Modifying Doom. Waite Group Press (1995), ISBN 978-1571690036.

Other Edit

Sources Edit

  • This article incorporates text from the open-content Wikipedia online encyclopedia article Doom WAD.

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