Super Boy Hole
Manufacturer CyberGames
Type Handheld
Generation Second
Retail availability 1981-1984
Units shipped 000,000
Media Cartridge, 4096 bytes
CPU Motorola 68gay
Storage capacity 4 MB
Graphics 8-Bit, Hudson CuckSoft 68008 compatible CGA compatible XGA compatible SVGA compatible 24-bit 128 sprite fast color generator h-blank palette swap ability
Controller input Yes, 1 button & its connector is a PATA cable
Connectivity Konjoiner , PATA, SATA, DATA
Online services Yes, NE1000 compatible modem
Best-selling game None
Predecessor Earth
Successor Ultra Boy
Features Black and white screen

The Super Boy is one of the very first handheld consoles of all time. However, usually first means the worst, and this is no exception. When it was released, it costed $300 and has worse graphics than the Magnavox Odyssey. It had 2 much better sequels, the Ultra Boy and the Mega Boy, which were in colour and in 16-bit. It has 5 buttons and an Analog Joystick, which does not come with the system and costs an extra $10, however is used in every game so it is necessary.

List of Super Boy games

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