Terresta is an eighth generation video game handheld that will launch in winter 2014 worldwide.  It was originally created by Cheesa (a company previously known for dairy products).


Statistic Info
Release Dates

October 25, 2014 - December 29, 2014


Basic (5GB): $189.99

Gamer's (60GB): $239.99

Units Sold TBA (0.7 mil. preorders)
Best Selling Game Tiny Crush (0.67 million in preorders)

Terresta Optical Disc (3GB)

Camera Cognscope
Online Services TBA
Region Availability No region or language lock

*Comes bundled with Tiny Crush.
**Comes bundled with Tiny Crush and Torchcat .


Game Series Genre Release Date Retail Download Developer Publisher Sales (mil.)
Assasin's Creed: Unity Assasin's Creed Action Adventure October 28, 2014 Ubisoft Montreal Ubisoft TBA
Big Crush Tiny Crush Puzzle April 15, 2015 TBA Team Chedder Cheesa TBA
Bladewolf Bladewolf Horror October 29, 2014 Suntown Cheesa 0.39
Civilization: Beyond Earth T Civilization Simulation December 12, 2014 TBA Firaxis Games 2K TBA
Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Infinity 3D Platformer/Sandbox October 27, 2014 X Avalanche Software Disney TBA
Dragon Fin Soup Dragon Fin Soup Action RPG November 29, 2014 X Grimm Bros. Grimm Bros. TBA
Earthen Earthen Strategy TBA TBA TBA Cheesa Soft Cheesa TBA
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Monster Hunter Action RPG October 27, 2014 X Capcom Capcom TBA
OlliOlli OlliOlli Skateboarding October 27, 2014 X Roll7 Roll7 TBA
Sonic Speedway Sonic the Hedgehog Racing November 3, 2014 TBA Sonic Team SEGA TBA
Tiny Crush Tiny Crush Puzzle

October 27, 2014

X Team Chedder Cheesa 0.67
Torchcat Torchcat 3D Platformer October 27, 2014 Team Chedder Cheesa 0.41
Vortex Vex Vortex Vex FPS 2015 TBA Cheesa Soft Cheesa TBA

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