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Total Recall is a full conversion modification of Doom 3, based on the 1990 movie. The project aims to be independent without any of the Doom 3 content and standalone after its release.


The project has been in development since mid 2008 and was originally planned as a comedy sound replacement mod for Doom 3's single player campaign. But since the movie Total Recall and Doom 3 share similar story elements and settings, a futuristic Schwarzenegger spy mod seemed like an excellent idea. The storyline is loosely based on the movie and the short story by Philip K. Dick entitled We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. By using the movie as a foundation, Total Recall has grown into quite a complex storyline which highlights a number of subjects including global warming and the end of days. As for the actual mod itself, Total Recall is strongly story driven and will not be classed as a total conversion. However, there will be many changes in the mod in comparison to the original Doom 3 experience.


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