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Trippin' Downwards
Studio album by Helen Henry


March 24, 1998






Rubix Records


Jones Kiely

Trippin' Downwards is the debut studio album by American country singer-songwriter Helen Henry. The album was released on the Rubix Records label on March 24, 1998 and included four singles; the first one being "Need You Back". Other singles from the album included "Anything", "What Would I Do", and "Hang On Tight".

Trippin' Downwards was re-released on July 17, 2005 as a Deluxe Road Trip Edition, which included five bonus tracks.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Need You Back" 3:37
2 "Anything (Duet with David Lee Murphy )" 4:18
3 "Still Not There" 3:44
4 "What Would I Do" 4:21
5 "Masked Bandit" 3:19
6 "Sorry" 3:06
7 "Hang On Tight" 2:45
8 "In You" 3:25
9 "Pickin' Up More" 3:21
10 "Take It from Me" 4:03
11 "Maybe" 4:11
12 "Never Lied" 4:10

2005 Deluxe Road Trip Edition bonus tracksEdit

No. Title Length
13 "Can't Be the Same" 2:54
14 "Everything I Am" 3:44
15 "Fantasy" 3:42
16 "We Do Tonight" 3:06
17 "Fallen Down" 3:02


No. Title Released
1. "Need You Back" January 13, 1998
2 "Anything" April 7, 1998
3 "What Would I Do" June 9, 1998
4 "Hang On Tight" November 3, 1998

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