The Vengeance Engine is a game engine based on Unreal Engine 2/2.5. It was created by Irrational Games to make Tribes: Vengeance.

Versions Edit

Version 1 Edit

The Vengeance Engine, also known as the Tribes: Vengeance engine had several new features:

In addition, it was shipped with new and improved tools:

Version 2 Edit

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Vengeance Engine 2 was an enhanced version of the Vengeance Engine, based on the Unreal Engine 2.5. As this engine was developed for the game BioShock, the engine has become known as the "BioShock engine". This version also backports technology from Unreal Engine 3.

Supported features:


Games using Vengeance Engine Edit


  1. SWAT 4 interview with Joe Faulstick (Associate Producer of Irrational Games) (2005-02-14).

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