You Can't Beat the 70's
''Compilation album by Various Artists''


May 18, 2013




Rubix Records

You Can't Beat the 70's is a Rubix Records compilation album released on May 18, 2013 that includes songs from the 1970's decade. It is a follow-up to the other two decade-related Rubix compilations Diggin' the 90's and Suddenly, You're Back in the 80's.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer Length
1. "Andy Norris" Badfinger 2:59
2. "Just for Me and You" Poco 3:38
3. "What It Comes Down To" The Isley Brothers 3:53
4. "Bad Boy Boogie" AC/DC 4:26
5. "Silver Dollar" Thin Lizzy 3:31
6. "Just the Same" Gentle Giant 5:33
7. "It Gets Me" The Rezillos 2:10
8. "God of Thunder" Kiss 4:15
9. "Student Demonstation Time" The Beach Boys 3:56
10. "Stick Like Glue" Angel 2:39
11. "Time and a Word" Yes 4:31
12. "One Good Reason" Trooper 5:15

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