is a Doom 3 mod, by Atomic Armadillo Entertainment. It turns Doom 3 into top-down shooter. The mod features 8 new levels, each has its own theme and very athmospheric level design, the athmosphere is also aided by fitting music written by Desecrative Phoneticism band. There are only two weapons, Machine Gun and Plasma Gun, both have infinite ammo and require no reload. There are also no PDA and no flashlight. The player starts each level (excluding level 8) with 100% of armor and 150% of health.


  • Red*Uk - Project Leader, Main Developer
  • Jim "Revility" Kern - Models and Art Direction
  • HellsCafe - Artwork
  • Snoop DJ, Ivan B, Phreakachew, PBmax, Kat, GraphixNut, Useless, GW - Contributors
  • Chris Mackinnon - Music: Bass, Unclean Vocals, Synth
  • Chris McNicholl - Music: Guitars, Drums, Clean Vocals


Level 9 - Salvational TempleEdit

EmoLevelDesigner has released an additional level for Z-Hunter, which continues original mod and adds an epic ending to it. The level was praised for well done level design and diverse ideas which expand the gameplay.

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